When IRS Is On Your Back Head To A Tax Settlement Attorney

Posted on 25. Aug, 2011 by in IRS

It’s a bright, sunny day and there is a bounce to your step as you reach into your mailbox and find a letter from the Internal Revenue Service.

Suddenly, the day has become cloudy and you can only drag your legs. With hesitation, you open the envelope and discover you have a problem with IRS.

The problem is serious and you don’t think you can handle it alone. So, it is time to search for a tax settlement attorney.

Of course, you should carefully look at the IRS correspondence and learn exactly what they are requesting. You need to be able to explain this when you are arranging a meeting with a tax settlement attorney.

IRS offers a number of tips to taxpayers who receive a letter from the agency. The first is, “don’t panic.”

Well, panic is a natural reaction but there is probably no reason for that emotion. IRS says most of the issues addressed in their letters can be handled through the mail or by telephone.

However, the issue at hand does not appear to be very simple to you. After all, the tax laws which are compiled in the Internal Revenue Code are not always easy to comprehend.

And, you must take into consideration that if the problem is a back tax issue, every day of delay in resolving the problem is costing you money to pay for penalties and interest. It’s time to meet with a tax settlement attorney.

A good tax settlement attorney is by education, training, and experience, well equipped to help you with your problem.

There is a certain amount of preparation you should do before your first meeting with the tax settlement attorney. He or she will request all relevant documents and probably have a long list of questions to ask you. When this occurs, you must be honest and straightforward in your responses.
Your situation may be resolved through a plan to pay back taxes via an Installment Agreement or an Offer in Compromise. While it is possible to do this on your own, professional legal counsel can help you avoid any unforeseen pitfalls.

The attorney may be able to have IRS take swift action in removing a levy on your bank accounts or a lien on your property.

Just remember, there comes a time when spending money to properly solve a problem is the best way to go and that could be with a tax settlement attorney.

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