There Are People Who Need Tax Help

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You should not feel alone if you think that you need tax help regarding federal income taxes.

One quick look at Internal Revenue Service statistics can prove this point – as of April 8, 2011, some 172.5 million visits were recorded on the IRS Web site during the current tax year. This marked a 6.3 percent increase over a comparable period in 2010.

If you are familiar with the agency Web site, you will quickly recognize the amount and quality of resources that are available for taxpayers who need tax help.

There were certainly a substantial number of visits that involved tax forms and publications that can be downloaded. But, for those who do need tax help of a more substantial nature, there is a wealth of useful information.

However, the reason or reasons a taxpayer may need tax help usually dictate whether IRS is the place to go or if the services of a tax professional, whether a certified public accountant (CPA) or a tax attorney, would be a wise expenditure of money.

You may need tax help for the preparation of a late or amended return, a failure-to-file or a failure-to-pay issue, or the removal of a tax lien, among many possible problems.

Such matters are serious in nature and if handled incorrectly or without due diligence on the part of the taxpayer, problems can quickly compound themselves. Of course, this often involves money in the form of a tax bill.

By education, training and experience, a good CPA or tax attorney is well-equipped to deal with most issues. At times, they may advise that it is best to seek a tax professional with highly specialized knowledge.

When seeking professional assistance if you need tax help, there are a few basic things to look for, including the quality of a person’s qualifications, his or her professional history, the fees that are involved, and the accessibility to the person.

If you think you need tax help then you probably do. And it is advisable not to rely on a family member or friend for that help.

It is usually best to simply bite the bullet, accept that you need tax help, take out your checkbook, and select a tax professional to give you what you need.

We are committed to helping you with your back tax returns.  Whether you need help getting them filed or just need to understand the process, we can help.  Our experienced team of CPAs and tax professionals know how to deal with IRS tax issues.  We will work on your behalf to settle your tax problem in your favor.

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