Do you need help to File Back Taxes?

Whatever the reason, you are in a situation with the IRS because you need to file back taxes.  Maybe you are afraid that you owe money that you can’t afford to pay, or maybe you got caught in a cycle of not filing for many years and now have a mounting tax debt that seems as if you will never be able to resolve it.  If you need help to file back taxes, it really is simply a phone call or click away.

There are many online resources available to help you understand tax laws and provide assistance with filing back taxes.  There are even software programs available that have all of the forms that you need to file for previous years.  The best help may come from a tax attorney or a certified accounting professional that specializes in back taxes.  These individuals know every detail of the tax laws and can make the confusing and daunting task of filing back taxes much easier for you.backtaxes

You may have already received a collection letter from the IRS, but if not, do not wait to get on top of the situation.  You will need to file your back taxes so that you can know what your tax obligation actually is.  In many cases, when you don’t file a return, the IRS uses what information it can (like W2 statements provided by your employer) to file the return for you.  This assessment may not be correct and there may be deductions or items that you could have claimed to lessen the tax burden for that filing.

Gather up as much of the financial history that you can.  If you do not have any records, do not panic.  Again, there are tax professionals that can walk you through this process and help you create the appropriate documents to support your tax return as needed.  There are many people that need to file back taxes that do not have one document that shows their earnings or possible deductions.  It is not hopeless.  Find the right resource to help you file the back taxes so that you can stop worrying and start taking action.


Dealing with old tax return issues can be challenging.  Make sure that you address the issue head on and get the returns filed as soon as possible.  This can obviously help to reduce any penalties and interest but, more importantly, will help you sleep better at night.

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