Do you have back tax returns?

Are you overwhelmed with tax issues that involve back tax returns and don’t know where to turn?  You need to be aware of what it helpwithbackreturnsmeans to have back tax returns and how it can affect you.  By educating yourself, you will be able to let go of the fear and face what seems like a daunting task, getting those back tax returns taken care of.

First and foremost, you must file back tax returns.  Avoiding the problem does not make it go away and it certainly could make it worse.  You could be assessed more fines and penalties or lose a refund that is possibly owed to you.  Also, each year that your tax debt grows and you fail to file the back returns, you are in jeopardy of losing additional refunds that you are owed as they will be applied to any delinquent tax debt.

You may feel like you can “fly under the radar” of the IRS, but rest assured, the main objective of the IRS is to collect tax debt.  IRS will locate you and begin what can possibly be a life altering collection process against you.  The collection process will usually start with a letter and then will escalate to phone calls and/or personal visits.  Your employer may receive a notice that requires them to garnish your wages.  Your bank account may be levied and your property can be seized. The IRS is serious about collecting that debt.

filingbacktaxesDo not let fear of those things happening paralyze you and prevent you from taking care of your back tax returns.  There is assistance available and a certified tax professional can help you, protect your interests and deal with the IRS on your behalf so that you do not have to.  A tax professional understands the laws and what your rights are under the laws.  They may even be able to help to negotiate a settlement for less than you owe and get garnishments and levies released.

If you have back tax returns, do not pretend that it’s not hanging over your heard.  You do not need to live looking over your shoulder in fear of the IRS.  Get the back tax returns filed with the assistance of a tax professional and you will be able to move forward and eliminate your tax issues.

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