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Paul Sundin is a licensed CPA and a partner at Sundin & Fish, PLC.  He has been a CPA since 1997 and works extensively with clients who need to file back tax returns and also assists with other tax mitigation issues.

As a CPA firm with over 25 years of combined experience, we understand back tax issues.  One of our specialties is helping our clients file back tax returns.  We prepare back returns old_returnsfor many of our business and individuals clients in need.

We help our clients save time and money and allow them to move on with their lives. Our CPAs have a proven nationwide track record.  No more dealing with the IRS.  We can put an end to your back tax return issues.

Dealing With the IRS

The IRS maintains 6 years of W2’s, 1099’s and 1098’s (mortgage interest paid) filed in the name of individual taxpayers. We can obtain these documents and work directly with the IRS.

You need your life back, so don’t worry about dealing with the IRS.  Don’t do it alone.  Call us today for a FREE consultation, so we can help you assess your back tax situation.

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